LaGreca Services, Inc. offers the ability to install new pipe in the ground without the need to open cut excavate soils. This allows for our clients to install pipe under marshes, canals, waterways, and any other place where disturbing the surface structures is not an option. To do this, we employ the use of Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) and Jack and Bore activities.

We will assign a project manager, field superintendent, operators, and laborers as required to effectively manage the construction process from start to finish.

The HDD Process


Employees will begin the process by setting up for the drill. This includes ensuring the drilling rig is set up properly and that all materials are available. Employees will also assess the job site for any potential safety hazards and address them at this time.

Pilot Drill

After the setup of the rig is completed, we will then execute a pilot drill that will drill rods into the ground. During this process, a hole is made for the pipe to come through. Once the drill stem reaches ground elevation again, we will then pull the pipe.

Pulling Pipe

Once the pilot drill is complete, we will hook the pipe to a rod on the drill stem and pull the pipe through the hole that was made.

The Finishing Touch

Once the pipe is in the ground and all work has been completed, LaGreca Services, Inc. employees and members of management will meet with the owner to ensure that we have exceeded their expectations.

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